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If Richard Simmons were to show up at your door step without any warning to set you up on a personal fitness plan, you might want to consider that you might have a weight problem. Because Richard Simmons doesn’t just show up at random houses without warning to set up random people on personal fitness plans.

And you should have figured out a long time before Richard Simmons showed up that you had a problem, and done something about. If Richard Simmons shows up at your doorstep, it is because you are in serious trouble–life or death trouble–with your health.

If some person of statue in your company or industry tries to step in and offer you a few suggestions out of the blue, would you consider it an insult or an opportunity?

If that same person came to you as part of a serious intervention on your part, would you push away or would you do exactly what they said exactly how they did it because they are far more successful than you?

You’re being approach because you’ve got a problem. A problem you may or may not have noticed in yourself, but someone else has, possibly because they have been in the same position you are in. And for whatever reason, they’re trying to help you.

Maybe they truly care about you. Maybe they only care that you are holding some project back and losing the company a lot of money in the process. They care enough to help you fix the problem.

The question you should be asking yourself right now is, do you care enough to let them help you fix the problem?

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There is a difference in those you have it and those who don’t.

Sometimes, you have to remind those who have it that everyone one doesn’t have it, as they become frustrated interacting with those who don’t. But you don’t have to tell those who have it what it is.

In fact, you might not even be able to tell those who have it what it is. But if you have it, you can see it in them. If they have it, they can see it in you.

You don’t even have to understand it, but you’ll find life a lot easier once you embrace having it, assuming you actually have it.

You will probably find yourself constantly having to explain what it is to people who don’t have it. Or at least wanting to explain it so that they can understand it.

The effort is worthless. If they don’t have it, they can’t understand it.

At least not until they have their own personal light bulb moment, and they then get it for themselves.

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Replace ‘taking it slowly’ with ‘do it with patience’: you cannot expect instant results, but you keep pushing beyond the slower pace once you’ve mastered the moves.

Replace ‘find the right person to follow’ with ‘follow me’: take the lead and see who many people will line up behind you for both support and guidance.

Replace ‘doing it for me’ with ‘doing it for the greater good’: you get so much more when you are truly giving it away, both spiritually and economically, despite you actually religious orientation.

Replace ‘this great idea of mine’ with ‘just working within the parameters I was given’: you already know it is the solid truth that your grand idea is only possible based on the conditions that are faced.

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Today is Easter Sunday, a day when Christians celebrate the day that the Lord Jesus Christ rose from the dead to spread new hope to the world. Today symbolizes a day of change and renewal.

Make today a day new beginning for yourself. Today make a pledge to yourself to shake off all your past setbacks and defeats. Take the steps you need to make you way to a new and better life you have always wanted to live.

And even if you mess it all up between sunrise and sunset today, you always have tomorrow. Just make tomorrow your next new beginning, and strive to go even further than you have gone today.

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If your excuse for not keeping up with your goals is that you don’t have constant access to them once you write them down and post them on a wall in your office, I have a simple solution for you. Create a personal goal card to keep with you.

Get a blank 3×5 card and set aside some time where you will not be distracted by random life events to really think about what you want.

The next step is simple. Just write down exactly what you want to accomplish on that card. The only stipulation being that it has to fit on one 3×5 card, which means wordy, flowery, rambling thoughts don’t translate very well.

When you are done, take a moment to study your work. Did you fill the whole card? Did you use both sides? Did you have to write in super-small print to fit in all of your goals?

For an advanced version, substitute a blank business card for the 3×5 card.

The point of this task is similar to business people spending time in advance crafting a 30-second elevator pitch. Your goals can and should be as vast as your imagination will allow, but simple enough for you to communicate the basic parts to a person in a way that they should be able to quickly understand. This even includes you, yourself.

Finally, just put the card in your purse, wallet, or pocket, and refer to it anytime you find yourself working fruitlessly on a project that seems to be going nowhere. If the task you are doing is in line with where your goals have you headed, keep on slugging thought it. If the task you are doing is not in line with your goals, figure out a way to get out of it. This exercise is great for both business and personal goals.

Are you not hitting your weight loss goals because of eating? Are you having problems keeping yourself from going to the stove for a second or third helping of food because you are hungry? I’ve got a secret that will help. A way that will allow you to eat more food. Yes, I said eat more food.

The secret? Well it’s not much of a secret really. It’s eating a salad, and eating and much salad as you would like.

Whole grains, beans, and fruits and vegetables eaten with their seeds and peels contain fiber or protein, both of which help you to maintain a full feeling longer. Protein takes longer to digest that other nutrients and fiber actually remains in the GI track, not being digested at all.

Knowing this, I personally try to eat a salad with dinner every night, and the difference for me is amazing. Along with a concerted effort to eat extra helpings of vegetables and being as strict as possible on limiting but not depriving myself of the things I love (meat, starches and carbs from sides, desert, more meat) eating a salad, (and in my case, a large salad) with meals has allowed me to easily eat more ‘food.’ I have learned to keep my salads simple (lettuce or spinach plus a few other pieces, like tomatoes, celery, cucumbers, carrots or some beans or peas) and stay a little stingy on my salad dressing to leave the extra food I get to eat pretty close to right as nature made it. I get plenty of extra vitamins and minerals in the form my body is actually supposed to get them from, which is just another added bonus.

So just like you avoid that salad when you go to the all-you-can-eat buffet to save you a little extra room for that third dessert, the use of the reverse of thinking could help you gain control of your eating habits, which is just one more key to achieving your goals for a healthier life.

Go ahead. Try eating a green salad with lunch and dinner. Especially dinner. Every time you have dinner.

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