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More that a few blogs I have scanned in the past few weeks have had some mini discussion revolving around the Peter Principle, which got me thinking about an opposite phenomena: people who get promoted to a level where their lack of competency should be obvious, yet they thrive and even grow.

People who know that they’re not smart enough for a job, but are able to seemingly get the job done do a few common things:

– they don’t go around pretending that they are actually smart enough for the job
– they don’t go around telling people they aren’t smart enough for the job either, and
– they don’t do anything to actively piss off those people that make sure they get the job done, despite not being smart enough

It’s akin to an NFL quarterback buying all of his offensive linemen expensive diamond watches at the end of the season for them not letting him get hurt. Take care of the people that make you seem like the wizard you are not, and watch how far you can go.


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Today is Easter Sunday, a day when Christians celebrate the day that the Lord Jesus Christ rose from the dead to spread new hope to the world. Today symbolizes a day of change and renewal.

Make today a day new beginning for yourself. Today make a pledge to yourself to shake off all your past setbacks and defeats. Take the steps you need to make you way to a new and better life you have always wanted to live.

And even if you mess it all up between sunrise and sunset today, you always have tomorrow. Just make tomorrow your next new beginning, and strive to go even further than you have gone today.

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I was looking to challenge myself today in my writing, and found myself surprisingly fixated on wrestler Ric Flair’s Space Mountain quote for most of the morning. Not sure exactly way the aging wrestler was in my thoughts, but somehow, inspiration struck because of it.

What you have below is the wisdom gleaned from words of the Nature Boy, one of the greatest athletic and theatrical performers I have ever witnessed. Give it a quick read, and see how much knowledge you can gain for use in your business or personal life.

“This ain’t no garden party, brother. This is wrestling, where only the strongest survive.”

Make sure what you are getting to is exactly what you want to get into, because chances are, you’re going to find the path it takes to get there has plenty of surprises waiting for you just past your line of site. And by surprises, I mean obstacles to your progress and problems that will take you off course. Just know they will appear, and prepare yourself for the journey. Just make sure it is a journey worth taking.

“Girls, you can’t be the first, but you can be next.”

The world is full of pioneers. You don’t necessarily have to be one to be successful and prosperous. In fact, you will probably be doing yourself a favor by following in the footsteps of someone who took the time to blaze a trail ahead of you.

“Space Mountain may be the oldest ride in the park, but it has the longest line.”

Once you’ve established yourself as the bonafide leader, everyone will want a piece of you. And you might be as great as you’ve convinced people that you are, but you are still only one person. Forget the myth of multitasking, you can only handle one request at a time, leading to a slow and plodding process of people constantly trying to work their way to get a little closer to you a little faster then you can handle. Let them wait.

“I’m a limousine ridin’, jet flyin’, kiss stealin’, wheelin’ dealin’ son of a gun. WOOOO!!”

You’ve got little choice in your life but to sell yourself, your ideas, or you actual product to the world. If you’re going to sell yourself, you might as well be bold about it as possible. As long as you’re not lying about it, sing your own praises to your hearts content.

“To be the man, you’ve gotta beat the man.”

This has to be Flair’s most famous quote, and my second favorite of his (edged out just slightly by the Space Mountain quote). Put plain and simply, if you want something so badly, step up and try to take it. Talk is talk, but only those brave enough to put forward the action needed to make it happen will ever make it happen.

“Whenever they feel like it, the door’s wide open.”

Oh, and by the way, once you’ve scratched and clawed your way to the top, your role changes. You are no longer striving to get there. You are there. Now is the time to start striving to stay there, with plenty of up-and-comers looking to take you out, and has-beens looking to take back the spot they used to own. They’re coming for you, like it or not. Might as well make them fight for it.

“As long as he understands this is Flair country, it is.”

As long as you’re at the top of the mountain, it’s your world. As long as someone else is at the top of the mountain, it’s their world. Pouting and complaining won’t get you anywhere. Hard work, determination, a little or a lot of time (most likely a lot) will get you somewhere. With a little luck, you’ll actually make it to the top of the mountain. But until you get there, make sure you give plenty of respect to the current king. They’ve earned it.

“My God, thank you. Thank you very much. I’m almost embarrassed by the response, but when I see this, I know that the twenty five years that I’ve spent trying to make you happy every night of your life was worth every damn minute of it.”

This comes from Ric Flair’s retirement speech to his fans, and the message here is simple. Be courteous to those who offer you support along the way of your journey in business and in life, and be sincere to everyone. Yes, EVERYONE! You can never give to many ‘Thank you’s.’

Broadcast media is hurting for advertising dollars. With the major corporations heavily reducing their ad spending to save cash, its no wonder the mom and pop shops around the nation are a little wary of pouring money down the perceived black hole of a bill board, newspaper ad, or TV and radio spots.

Whatever your business is, your customers are likely using the need to save cash as their reasoning for not stepping foot into your store. Your business works because you fulfill some need, and if you do it well enough, you make more money at it. But a cash strapped public is beginning to forgo the excesses and have turned to disciplining themselves to ensure financial survival. That’s a good thing for them and a great thing for you, if you know how to sell to them.

If your customers are not seeing or not responding to what they will receive from buying your service or product, take up a different approach. Try showing them what they can actually save from shopping with you. If you can show them way that you actually save them money, effort (almost as good as money), or time (sometimes even better that as money), your cost will be instantly justified.

At the day job, we’re providing the same amount of service, if not more, for our loyal customers. We are offering them deals to help them in their rescheduled budgets and providing plenty of reassurance that their ad dollars are now moving further as other companies, including the major corporations, are backing away from their promotions, saving them time and effort spent in pushing their products and services.

In the side gig (a part of this here blog), I’m creating products and programs that lead to a lot of front end prep work, but will in return leave my customers better prepared to handle various business and personal issues, saving them time and effort to ultimately get things done.

What does your product or service do along the lines of offering savings for your customers? How are you presenting this information to your customers?

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When you work at a News/Talk radio station, you would assume there is plenty of free talk about the news of the day. Well, not so much actually.

The station is work for leans heavy on the Conservative side, and our audience follow the every word of Rush Limbaugh. To say religiously would not be an understatement. Breaking news that does not qualify as’ You’re all gonna die’ will get complaint calls immediately. ‘You’re all gonna die’ news will get complaint calls over not letting Rush tell the listeners himself.

But you learn to flow with your audience. When you’re getting an influx of mostly one-sided conversations, you try to politely disagree. When you figure out that tactic will get you nowhere, you decide to just nod your head and let the conversation end on its own.

But our listeners are also our customers. And often, despite the assurance that you have heard the complaint before, you have to attempt to listen. And since we all know the customer is very often completely wrong, you don’t get the option to just nod your head until you can fake a cell phone call to make a getaway.

Living by the rule ‘The customer is always right’ reminds you that in their minds, the customer deserves some resolution to their problem. As a provider of a service or a product, you realized the customer’s problem is often of their own making, and the solution is to actually ‘fix the customer.’

You also know most customers don’t want to be fixed. They want to be right.

Managers should take the time to make sure any front-line employees know how best to defuse tense customer situations, and how to calmly elevate the situation to upper management if they can not make it work. And the front-line employees should be taken care of disproportionally well. Because they deserve it. If you don’t believe it, come watch our secretary work the phones when a server crash takes Rush off the air or keep a prize winner who claims they won a better prize then they are receiving at bay until a promotions director can scramble a make up prize package together.

You’re Thanksgiving Day This or That’s include:

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Today is Thanksgiving in the U.S., and instead of spending time with my family, am stuck at the house alone, with just Puffy the Puppy to meander in the way keep me company for the weekend. And while I’m not to thrilled with the circumstances that are keeping me from enjoying fried turkey and pork spare ribs with my wife stealing food off my plate, I am actually thankful for a couple of days of quiet to get a few things done and to clear my head. Being dubbed a ‘serial starter,’ I have a lot of half-baked schemed floating around that are cluttering my head, my inbox, and my office. A day to clear out some of that mental clutter, and even get started on raking the yard, is actually blessing, despite the sacrifice of alone time on a family weekend.

Not only am I thankful for a crummy weekend leading to a semi-productive weekend, I’m thankful for the crummy year I have had. I pledged that 2008 was going to be my year, and then watched 11 months go by full of false starts, letdowns, and setbacks. But this has been a valuable year for lessons learned, and the price paid for most of those were just frustration and a little time lost. Not a lot of money and definitely no lives or relationships. In fact, some relationships were made stronger do to the strain of a lack of success, and some new ones where created that have the potential to outshine any other.

I am not thankful for the large loss of financial capital I had this year. I am thankful I lost less than most, and that I still have plenty of years to recover, even if my current projects don’t have much time to recover. I am thankful for the opportunities I didn’t get a chance to take, because it has allowed for plenty of opportunities that I am glad I didn’t miss.

And I give thanks to God for lining up all the opportunities and responsibilities that lie ahead that I truly don’t want. Only through them will I get to the opportunities and responsibilities that I actually want. I am especially thankful to have just enough wisdom to know they are all opportunities and responsibilities that I AM SUPPOSED TO HAVE.

I’m thankful to live in a country that gives everybody the day off to eat, and I’ve got to get to cooking. Happy Thanksgiving, America.

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