This Or That’s For 8/28/09

These articles and blog post seemed pretty relevant to me at 3AM…

Even if you haven’t proven that you are Market #86 news anchor material, you can easily look like it, with the launching of the online consignment shop

Farhad Manjoo from makes a plea to corporate IT managers to free us from Internet Explorer 6 and browse how we want to browse at work

Brazen Careerist has relaunched itself as a social networking site that you might want to add to your already unmanageable list of social networking sites you belong to…

…and because of that, Lance Haun at Our HR Guy Blog lays out the good and the bad of Gen Y’s use and abuse of their social networking privileges

And the Bad Pitch Blog offers up five links to help you with your writing skills in order to help you with your idea pitching efforts…


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