This Or That’s For 8/21/09

A quick list of quick hits to some of the blog posts I’ve scanned this morning…

How important are background checks? Reality Blurred has an post on how one guy who was formally charged with murdering his ex-wife has effectively killed (bad pun intended) the two VH1 reality shows he was cast for…

Michael Wade at Execupundit give a break down on who leaves a company and who tries to stick it out with bad management arrives…

Seth Godin gives us some insight on how effective screaming can and can’t be to getting you point across, and hints more toward the can’t side…

Worried that your Twitter usage might be excessive and unnecessary? Mediabistro’s Webnewser blog has numbers from a Pear Analytics survey, stating that 40.55% of Tweets Are ‘Pointless Babble’ anyway…

And in a CDC study that seems to have stared at me through my window for a week, ‘lower extroversion’ is being found in adult video game players, noting that the average gamer is 35, fat and depressed…

Tom’s Shoes: Buy A Pair, Give A Pair


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