The Buy In

One of the most critical determinants of the success of a program is buy in of all parties involved.

Working in broadcasting, this is seen on a daily basis, and a key understanding to all the ‘talent’ whose job it is to sell something a like a contest, promotion, or even a product. It doesn’t matter how much money a sales person was about to finagle out of a client sponsor, or how easily executable the promotions direct can make it. If the talent doesn’t feel up to doing it, it won’t work.

Just like teaching your dog tricks or teaching your toddlers anything, some days the talent (in broadcasting specifically here, but just about any talent you have working in any industry in general) is really feeling it, and want to do the best sell and their best work. Some days, its going through the motions. Some days, it’s just not going to happen. And while bribes and blackmail can be fine motivators to the interested, to the disinterested, not so much.

Think about this next time a new plan, promotion, or directive come around at your place of employment. If you’re asked to execute it, are you able to buy into it yourself? Are those that work above you showing you they’re buying into it? Are those that work below you showing that they intend to buy into it as well?

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