Reviewing July For The Fast Forward Blog

Looking back at the month that was July 2009, I was able to get 7 (hopefully) quality posts online, with 5 being original posting from myself, one being a reprint that I need to tag as Reviewing What I Said, and one guest posting. Here is the full listing of my July posts, with a brief description.

Make A List, Baby! Part 1
Breaking down the basics of the most effective development tool you’ll ever use: a list.

Make A List, Baby! Part 2
The four lists I use to manage my daily life: my Daily Journal, my Daily Dozens, my 30 Minutes A Day Log, and my Running Notepad.

Welcome To Your Crisis
Comparing how you would handle a house fire to how you should handle any crisis you may face.

Is The Story Of The Little Dutch Boy Actually The Story Of Your Career?
Originally published in the former Cool Corporate dot COM Blog.

Do You Have the Right Mindset to Start Your Business?
A guest post written by Deborah A Bailey.

You Can Only Make Choices From The Choices Given
Just like you can’t hit a target that isn’t there in front of you, you can’t make a choice for your life that isn’t presented for you to choose from.

My Great Idea On How To Have A Good Life
I declared myself a minor genius since I had an idea similar to two much more major geniuses, Tim Ferriss and Chad Fowler


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