First, Learn What You Don’t Know
A fact of life is that you can’t find out what you are good at until you have some idea what you are bad at.

Early in your career, failure will be an option you will be forced to take more often then you will like.

Do not think it is for a lack of ability. Ironically, it is in failure where you learn some of your more valuable lessons.

Testing yourself to your limits without the eventual mishap will never help you set boundaries. What can you not do? Find out and avoid it.

What can you do with some level of success? Is it worth putting the extra time and effort to pursue? Then take a chance and go for it!

What can you achieve with great success on a consistent basis? Is it something you feel passionate about doing? It’s a no brainer.

Oddly enough, you’ll find that the boundaries of relationships will also work in a similar way.


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