More On Building Your Stage To Success

Monster Learning
Last week, I wrote a post titled Garage Band To Play Madison Square Garden? Building Your Stage To Success. The next day, I get a message from my friend and blog ombudsman Makeda Boswell that adds this insight to the original that was to good not to share with the rest of the class, unedited:

You know I have a lot of musician friends (meaning I’ve sat thur a lot of sound checks) Anyway, I’ve notice that as they are warming up for a show, they always tell the sound person what they need (ie more vocals,can’t hear the bass player, there’s to much sound or not enough sound) Eventually, everything is just right and my friends start to play.

The same thing can apply to whatever goal or task you’re trying to accomplish. You work at something and tweek it (which comes from feedback) and tweek it some more till it’s just the way you want it


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