Replacement Thinking

Cardiac Kit- Reduce Your Risk, Take Charge Now

My Nutrition Store’s Cardiac Kit: Reduce Your Risk & Take Charge Now
Replace ‘taking it slowly’ with ‘do it with patience’: you cannot expect instant results, but you keep pushing beyond the slower pace once you’ve mastered the moves.

Replace ‘find the right person to follow’ with ‘follow me’: take the lead and see who many people will line up behind you for both support and guidance.

Replace ‘doing it for me’ with ‘doing it for the greater good’: you get so much more when you are truly giving it away, both spiritually and economically, despite you actually religious orientation.

Replace ‘this great idea of mine’ with ‘just working within the parameters I was given’: you already know it is the solid truth that your grand idea is only possible based on the conditions that are faced.


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