Three Reasons Why Your Customer is Your Best Advertisement

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This Guest Post Written By Scott Oliver

While you might already know that your customer is always right, and make steps to ensure that they know this too, did you realize that your customer can also be your best advertisement? It’s easy to forget that customers interact with our businesses more personally than we ever will. And while we think we know our business inside and out, it’s actually the customer that sees whether or not our business is doing the job it says it can do. Here are three reasons why your customer is your best advertisement ‘ and why you need to make sure they’re always satisfied.

They Will Share Their Good Experiences

Nearly everyone has a story about a good customer service experience they’ve had with a business. Whether there was a problem that got quickly addressed or perhaps the business simply went above and beyond what was expected, nearly everyone has had one moment in which they wanted to sing the praises of their business transaction. So, if you had this experience, you told people and then they went to the business you did and then they told others of their experiences, etc. When something good happens, people are going to talk about it, letting you get more positive advertising than you could ever get on your own.

But at the same time, you need to remember that if there is a bad experience; customers are more than likely going to share that too. When things go wrong and you don’t take the time to fix them, you are going to start a conversation between your customer and their friends ‘ one that ends up in you getting less business. Each experience that your customer has with your website or with your business should be as positive as possible. While you don’t have to go out of your way each and every time, it’s better to be more than they need than to be less than they deserve.

They are More Believable Than You Are

So, what makes these customer experiences so important to your advertising? Customers who talk to their friends and to their family are more believable than you will be. This
isn’t to say that you’re not trustworthy, but people tend to believe things they hear from their friends more than they will trust things that come from a business that wants to make money.

Again, this is why treating the customer well is so important. Because whatever they share with their friends is going to be taken as the absolute truth, you aren’t going to get a second chance to change their minds.

They Can Give Testimonials

When a customer does have a good experience with you, you might want to talk to them about writing a testimonial. This is simply a summary of the compliments they have about your business that can be posted on your marketing literature or on your website. In exchange, you might want to offer them a discount on future purchases, but many people will simply be excited to see their name and their picture on your business site. These testimonials should be verbatim of what your customer says, along with a release that says you can use the statement for your business. If you receive a testimonial that isn’t written as well as you might like, as the customer if you can edit it and then show them the changes you made. If they agree to the final copy, then you have another marketing tool at your disposal.

Your customers are the best advertisements for your business and you need to make sure they are advertising well.

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