Most Of Your Life Will Be Tied Up In Doing Things You Don’t Want To Do: Book Of Kendall Rule #4

Need Parenting Advice - Speak with an Expert

Need Parenting Advice? Speak with an Expert!
In the anticipation of the arrival of a new tax deduction baby to our family, my wife and I have been doing some writing to present to the our child, who sex has not been determined but we have already settled on the first name Kendall (although the wife is starting to waver on the name with about seven months to go). She is keeping a diary of things that happened in the year of his/her arrival, I am writing some of the life lessons I have absorbed to eventually but into book form and hopefully guilt some of you out there into buying to help pay for baby supplies (I am an entrepreneur after all). As I work on pieces I will post them here, looking for as much honest feedback of its usefulness, and a little conversation on just how hard it was for y’all to learn these lessons yourself. Assuming you have actually learned these lessons.

Please leave comments as they come.

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Book Of Kendall Rule #4: Most Of Your Life Will Be Tied Up In Doing Things You Don’t Want To Do

For most of my life I wanted to find a way to make a very good living off of my words. While you can debate my level of talent, you can not debate my love of words, both written and spoken. But as I got older, the problem wasn’t necessarily the increasing amount of talented wordsmiths in the world, it was the decreasing value of the words themselves. So while I did my best to eek out an article here and fill-in on radio talk shows there, I slugged through a long list other things that my employers had put on my job description to bring home a paycheck to take care of the family.

Any thing worth doing in your life will take time, and that time will be worth it. But that time will be precious compared to the myriad of things that you will find yourself having to do that take away from what you really want to do, many of which you will truly hate to do.

So as you grow up to ask your mother and I if it is really necessary to make your bed every morning, learn Algebra II, or not detour when we send you to the store, you will quickly pick up on the mundane life necessities that allow for you live, grow, and survive in this world, even if they are not particularly amusing to you personal.

There are also plenty of things that you will have to do that you won’t be very thrilled about that have a direct effect on the things you actually want to accomplish in life. My want for a professional sports career was severely limited by my desire to not practice. On the flip side, I haven’t fully embrace the need for criticism as I continue my quest to make more money by producing more words, it is a necessary evil that I tolerate in hopes that It makes my work that much better.

Make sure you cherish the pain and toil of the things you must do, as they will lead you down a path that will hopefully allow you to get to do more things you want to do.


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