If There Is A Problem, First Make Sure It Is Not You: Book Of Kendall Rule #3

Send Flowers at 1-800-FLORALS

Send Flowers at 1-800-FLORALS
In the anticipation of the arrival of a new tax deduction baby to our family, my wife and I have been doing some writing to present to the our child, who sex has not been determined but we have already settled on the first name Kendall (although the wife is starting to waver on the name with about seven months to go). She is keeping a diary of things that happened in the year of his/her arrival, I am writing some of the life lessons I have absorbed to eventually but into book form and hopefully guilt some of you out there into buying to help pay for baby supplies (I am an entrepreneur after all). As I work on pieces I will post them here, looking for as much honest feedback of its usefulness, and a little conversation on just how hard it was for y’all to learn these lessons yourself. Assuming you have actually learned these lessons.

Please leave comments as they come.

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Book Of Kendall Rule #3: If There Is A Problem, First Make Sure It Is Not You

You will come across plenty of trouble times in your life, many will oddly enough be of your own making. The way you handle yourself in these situations are going to determine your next steps in you life, and ultimately, the limits to which you will actually progress for your entire lifetime.

You use a troubling time in your life as way to gain experience and grow. But you don’t have to create your own trouble. There are plenty of people in the world will gain extreme pleasure in creating more trouble for you than you can ever imagine.

You’ll be able to handle it. But not if you are spending too much energy creating you own problems. There is no fun or profit in creating trouble for yourself. Stepping up to a challenge is one thing. Stepping into a burning building after soaking yourself in gasoline and stuffing your pockets with dynamite is asking for problems with consequences to major to overcome. If you find you have a problem, and the problem happens to be you, fix it immediately.


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