New Personal Improvement Tool: The Goal Card

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If your excuse for not keeping up with your goals is that you don’t have constant access to them once you write them down and post them on a wall in your office, I have a simple solution for you. Create a personal goal card to keep with you.

Get a blank 3×5 card and set aside some time where you will not be distracted by random life events to really think about what you want.

The next step is simple. Just write down exactly what you want to accomplish on that card. The only stipulation being that it has to fit on one 3×5 card, which means wordy, flowery, rambling thoughts don’t translate very well.

When you are done, take a moment to study your work. Did you fill the whole card? Did you use both sides? Did you have to write in super-small print to fit in all of your goals?

For an advanced version, substitute a blank business card for the 3×5 card.

The point of this task is similar to business people spending time in advance crafting a 30-second elevator pitch. Your goals can and should be as vast as your imagination will allow, but simple enough for you to communicate the basic parts to a person in a way that they should be able to quickly understand. This even includes you, yourself.

Finally, just put the card in your purse, wallet, or pocket, and refer to it anytime you find yourself working fruitlessly on a project that seems to be going nowhere. If the task you are doing is in line with where your goals have you headed, keep on slugging thought it. If the task you are doing is not in line with your goals, figure out a way to get out of it. This exercise is great for both business and personal goals.


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