Don’t Take Everything Personally: Book Of Kendall Rule #1

Send Flowers at 1-800-FLORALS

Send Flowers at 1-800-FLORALS
In the anticipation of the arrival of a new tax deduction baby to our family, my wife and I have been doing some writing to present to the our child, who sex has not been determined but we have already settled on the first name Kendall (although the wife is starting to waver on the name with about seven months to go). She is keeping a diary of things that happened in the year of his/her arrival, I am writing some of the life lessons I have absorbed to eventually but into book form and hopefully guilt some of you out there into buying to help pay for baby supplies (I am an entrepreneur after all). As I work on pieces I will post them here, looking for as much honest feedback of its usefulness, and a little conversation on just how hard it was for y’all to learn these lessons yourself. Assuming you have actually learned these lessons.

Please leave comments as they come.

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Book Of Kendall Rule #1: Don’t Take Everything Personally

Not everyone is going to like you. In fact, you will find you may have more than you fair share of people in your life that truly do hate you and have nothing but ill will for you. All the same, you come across more than a few people that you will find totally impossible to hate for various reasons, to include not good reason at all.

There will be battles of will and battles of wits. There will be knock-down, drag-out fights with the people you hate, the people that hate you, and plenty of other people filling various roles in your life.

From your long time friend, to the once in a life time encounter, and back to the people that truly make you blood boil and vice versa. There will be unkind words sent your way, sometimes on purpose, sometimes in innocence, and sometimes in the heat of an emotional tirade that you thought you could avoid.

Your feelings will be hurt, but listen to the words being said before you choose to take the words personally.

Yes, you will choose whether or not to take an insult personally. You may even choose to take needed feedback, a careless but harmless comment, and the drop dead honest truth as a personal insult. First, make sure have been insulted, then figure out whether the insult itself is worth the return of your wraith. Sometimes it will be deserved. Unfortunately, sometimes it will not be worth the effort to give the other party satisfaction. And most times the comment you received wasn’t exactly the comment meant to be sent, and isn’t an issue for rebuttal.


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