As Interesting As I Can Get: A Few Steps Toward Momentum

Executive Essentials Pens, Gifts and More!

Executive Essentials: Pens, Gifts and More!
In celebration for reaching his 3,000th blog post, Seth Godin asked his readers to either start a blog or post something really interesting today.

Since I’ve already overdone the former, I’m stuck with the latter. But frankly, I haven’t been feeling all that interesting lately. Hence my lack of posting to the blog, working on the business, and connecting with the outside world.

It’s more than just writer block, or lack of time because of deadlines at the day job, or lack of progress in the side gig, or even the burden of the combination of all three put together. But there is not real word or explanation for it.

But there is a simple fix: momentum.

I am at the point of completion to a few products that have the potential to catch on and grow. I have plenty of new ideas I just need a little time and a lot more resources to flesh out and make good. I have a lot of one-foot-after-the-other plans that are ready for that first step to get the plan in motion. But sometimes, when you are at a complete stop, the hardest thing to do is to stand up and take that first step. But once you do, its makes it much easier to take the next step, and the next step, and then to pick up the pace to a fast walk, jog, run…that is momentum.

What do you do to keep your momentum going? What do you do once your momentum is broken?


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