Three Fears

Three common fears that plague small business owners (and Type-A people in general) are the fear to dream big, the fear of accepting baby steps to success, and the fear of admitting you’re having a down day.

Dreaming big becomes a problem when your big dreams fizzle out somewhere along the way. Have enough big dreams that don’t come to pass, and you’ll stop dreaming altogether. You face this fear by dreaming big anyway, although you first set some realistic goals that you should be able to meet with just a fair amount of effort. Then you are free to set your dream goals at an insanely obscene level that truly surpasses your conventional thinking goal. Publicize you lower goals, prioritize the big goals, and you may find that your performance projections will consistently hit somewhere in the middle.

To explain the need to accept baby steps and small victories toward your success, I’m going to use two American sport analogies from baseball and football. Businesses want to see home runs, because they mean instant results and a big lift in spirits. But the reason why a home run is so exciting is that they don’t happen for every at bat. Their scarcity makes them so exciting and motivational, helpings the teams move along through the mundane art of single and doubles to just get on base (and in business to just get things done daily). A business should operative on the mindset of a football team. A football team has to move the length of the field, 100 yards, to score. But to keep the offense on the field, the team just has to advance 10 yards in 4 tries. That’s baby steps and small victories daily, not home runs and hail marys.

And nobody ever wants to feel down, and when they are, they don’t want to admit in. But you usually don’t have much of a choice if your personal energy is visibly waning or you business is showing public signs of decline. Man up and admit your not doing so well at the moment, then do something to improve your situation. And do it immediately. There is no shame in being knocked down, but staying down or lying down are inexcusable.

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