Gain Sales By Pushing The Savings

Broadcast media is hurting for advertising dollars. With the major corporations heavily reducing their ad spending to save cash, its no wonder the mom and pop shops around the nation are a little wary of pouring money down the perceived black hole of a bill board, newspaper ad, or TV and radio spots.

Whatever your business is, your customers are likely using the need to save cash as their reasoning for not stepping foot into your store. Your business works because you fulfill some need, and if you do it well enough, you make more money at it. But a cash strapped public is beginning to forgo the excesses and have turned to disciplining themselves to ensure financial survival. That’s a good thing for them and a great thing for you, if you know how to sell to them.

If your customers are not seeing or not responding to what they will receive from buying your service or product, take up a different approach. Try showing them what they can actually save from shopping with you. If you can show them way that you actually save them money, effort (almost as good as money), or time (sometimes even better that as money), your cost will be instantly justified.

At the day job, we’re providing the same amount of service, if not more, for our loyal customers. We are offering them deals to help them in their rescheduled budgets and providing plenty of reassurance that their ad dollars are now moving further as other companies, including the major corporations, are backing away from their promotions, saving them time and effort spent in pushing their products and services.

In the side gig (a part of this here blog), I’m creating products and programs that lead to a lot of front end prep work, but will in return leave my customers better prepared to handle various business and personal issues, saving them time and effort to ultimately get things done.

What does your product or service do along the lines of offering savings for your customers? How are you presenting this information to your customers?

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