Over Compensate Your Overworked Front Line Employees

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When you work at a News/Talk radio station, you would assume there is plenty of free talk about the news of the day. Well, not so much actually.

The station is work for leans heavy on the Conservative side, and our audience follow the every word of Rush Limbaugh. To say religiously would not be an understatement. Breaking news that does not qualify as’ You’re all gonna die’ will get complaint calls immediately. ‘You’re all gonna die’ news will get complaint calls over not letting Rush tell the listeners himself.

But you learn to flow with your audience. When you’re getting an influx of mostly one-sided conversations, you try to politely disagree. When you figure out that tactic will get you nowhere, you decide to just nod your head and let the conversation end on its own.

But our listeners are also our customers. And often, despite the assurance that you have heard the complaint before, you have to attempt to listen. And since we all know the customer is very often completely wrong, you don’t get the option to just nod your head until you can fake a cell phone call to make a getaway.

Living by the rule ‘The customer is always right’ reminds you that in their minds, the customer deserves some resolution to their problem. As a provider of a service or a product, you realized the customer’s problem is often of their own making, and the solution is to actually ‘fix the customer.’

You also know most customers don’t want to be fixed. They want to be right.

Managers should take the time to make sure any front-line employees know how best to defuse tense customer situations, and how to calmly elevate the situation to upper management if they can not make it work. And the front-line employees should be taken care of disproportionally well. Because they deserve it. If you don’t believe it, come watch our secretary work the phones when a server crash takes Rush off the air or keep a prize winner who claims they won a better prize then they are receiving at bay until a promotions director can scramble a make up prize package together.


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