Not In The Mood Is Not An Excuse

All day today I have been trying to work through the general lack of motivation I have fallen into. It started from some dreaded projects at the day job, and has spilled over into the business/side-gig, hanging out with friends and family, exercise, walking the dog…just about every aspect of my life.

Then I came across a blog post from Seth Godin, who was seemingly reading my mind, since basically I’m just not in the mood. An excerpt:

You already know how to deliver excellent service that blows people away. You just don’t feel like it. Your organization has the resources to buy that machine or enter that market or change that policy. They’re just not in the mood.

I should know better, since my entire business plan deals with presenting information that should come as no surprise about how to manage media and office procedures for businesses and life strategies for your personal life. Not being in the mood is no excuse for not doing a good job. It is a direct violation of my 9th Rule Of Life (Explanation? Yes. Reasons? Sure. Excuses? No Excuses!). I’ve even coined a new mantra at the day job: I’m underpaid. You can either allow me to overproduce and overdeliver for the money you’re spending, or you can watch me give you exactly the service you have paid for. I think its helping. Especially now that I am determined to shake off my bad mood.

Trac Fone: Cell Phone Service With Absolutely No Contract? Absolutely!


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