Friends When You Need Them

This post is more of a personal rant, but there is a point to push, so bear with me as I cry in my beer for a moment.

Anyone who complains about lack of control in there life should try declaring they are now taking control. It’s a lot like the old saying, “If you want to make God laugh, tells Him your plans.”

That is exactly how this whole ‘company’ thing is coming. Its one thing to want to take on an effort with the sole purpose of helping other. Trying to make a profit in the process ups the ante. The idea that I deal with so many people doing interviews that give bad to barely marginal performance, and that I can help them out, and make a little (and down the line a lot) of money in the process should be golden. It’s been far from that so far.

I have learned where exactly the boundaries of my talents lie in the past few months. I had a good idea before, but now that I am forced to operate in a professional manner, there is no wiggle room in my execution. It gets especially frustrating when you put yourself out to help others and can’t find anyone to help yourself.

For anyone who is looking to take on a new challenge, or even having difficultly in an ongoing challenge, setting up the proper support system is a key success. Having people you can talk to during the tough times won’t be the fix to everything, but will always help you feel better, even if they can offer little in the way of advice. It’s their ability to lend you their ear.

Keep you friends close as you make your way into tough times.

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