Your Daily Dozens: Creating An Active Daily To-Do List

A to-do list is a tool. It is not magic, but the results you will receive from working a to-do list can seem like voodoo or witchcraft for some, based on how unorganized and unplanned you pursuits have been in the past. This post will show you how to create a simple list with a bit of a theme to make it a little fun.

So why are we targeting a dozen items? Because ‘Your Daily Dozens’ sounds cool. If you just want to write down a standard ten item to-do list, or just a listing of as many things you can think off, is up to you.

If you are like most people who seem to do a lot of things in a busy day, but at the end of your days can’t really recall what you have actually accomplished, you will not come up with a dozen items before you get your day started. You understand that the emergencies of the day are different every day, and that you’ll find ways to accomplish things you would have never thought you would have to do.

Creating your list as a starter list will help you get a focus on what you need to accomplish first in your day. As your day goes along, and you gain more tasks you have completed, you can add them to the list. Don’t be ashamed if you don’t end your day with a full 12 tasks completed. And especially don’t be worried if your completed list, or even your starting list, goes past a dozen items. This is just a simple to-do list. It is just a simple tool for organization and prioritization.

Whether you want to use an electronic organizer or just a pocket spiral notebook, you will want to keep your daily lists together so that you can quickly compare your previous days’ efforts, as well as having a way to easily see what unfinished business items you will need to transfer to a next day.

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