Follow The Fitness 7 Plan: Seven Small Goals To Help You Plan A Better You

Every journey needs a destination. Without a destination, you’re just setting yourself up to wander around, hoping to eventually show up somewhere, anywhere, and not know exactly where that is. If you’re having problems getting your fitness goals mapped out to get you to a worthy destination, use the goals from what I call “The Fitness 7 Plan.” These seven goals, listed in a practical order, will help you gain footing in your quest for better physical conditioning.

Goal 1: Just Lose A Few Extra Pounds

Here is a simple, small, and very easy to achieve and archive goal to get you started. The act of losing a few pounds will make it much easier to lose a few more pounds, and a few more pounds, and a few more pounds, continue and repeat until you get to your goal weight. Haven’t set a goal weight? You’ll figure something out soon. In the meantime, you’ve probably already noticed…

Goal 2: Increase Your Energy Levels

Looking a little better does translate into feeling a lot better, and the act of shedding just a few pounds in conjunction with an increase in physical activity will pay out in big dividends quickly. In fact, the energy boost you will start to receive from just exercise will soon become vital to your everyday life, if not addictive. You will actually notice the difference when you miss a few days of exercise, although your stamina will quickly return to your ‘new’ normal as soon as you get back on (and on the) track. In no time, you’ll also notice…

Goal 3: Get Noticeably Trimmer And Toned

Now come the fun part. As soon as you start seeing the results of all your hard work and consistency with a thinner face and looser fitting clothing, you’ll wonder why you didn’t get into this whole exercise thing much sooner. You’ll really get the great picture of where your hard work is going and just how far you have come when you trade in the ratty shorts and torn t-shirts for some of the new fitness optimized work-out gear. You know, the clothes that fits you the right way in the right areas and magically sucks the sweat off your body? The cost isn’t as much as you might think. Besides, don’t you deserve to pay a few extra pennies as an award in itself. By the way, have you also noticed…

Goal 4: Get A Boost Of Confidence

Are you feeling pumped and ready to take on the world yet? Don’t let the fear that you might be becoming a little shallow slow down your progress. You’ve earned the right to walk with as much swagger as you like. A better physical appearance is a quick way to gain a boost of confidence. Just remember, a better looking outside can help, but doesn’t guarantee, a better ‘looking’ and feeling inside. It may take some work to stabilize the new and growing mental you. But all those complements you’ll get on the newly polished exterior will easily help. And you’re probably feeling even better about you days as you start to notice…

Goals 5: Get A Reduction In Daily Stress

Having less fat mass and more muscle mass on your body means less stress on the body. That will translate into less daily stress in general, as a body in great shape will be easily handle the normal physical stresses of the day. Your newly increased level of fitness will greatly help you overcome any radical physical stress or the mental stresses that can sneak up and catch you off guard throughout the day. And in the process, you’ll notice…

Goals 6: Get to Feel Like An Athlete Again

It will be just like you stepped back in time to the glory days of as a high school athletic star! All the excuses you have used to giving for not going out back to play with the kids or down to the park to shoot hoops with you friends will be useless, and you will become the annoying friend always bugging people to go to the gym with them. And why not be a little annoying, since…

Goal 7: You’ll Feel Unstoppable!

Welcome to a whole new world! A world where just about everything you set out to accomplish can be done with relative ease. No longer will lack of energy be a legitimate excuse or set back. Anything you set you newly cleared and stress-reduced mind to can be done, and you actually believe it.

Congratulations, you’ve conquered every goal in the “The Fitness 7 Plan.” And even if you haven’t don’t despair. If you slip up and get off track, just start all over again at Goal1, and take “The Fitness 7 Plan” step-by-step. Be persistent, be patient, and most importantly, just believe that the only ting between Goal 1 and
Goal 7 is the necessary time it takes to build yourself into the unstoppable force you are meant to be. Don’t try to cheat yourself or the system. It will happen, and we’re all pulling for you to get there.

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