Your New ‘You Resume’

One of the 5 dozen or so ideas I have come up with to offer up as services for Fast Forward business proprieties is to do resume reviews, rewrites, and receiving policies. Since I intend to coach up both the people looking for jobs and the businesses looking to hire them, it seemed like an easy way to make a few bucks for the company while I am still working through the lean early days.

So today, as I was working on a few resumes, and proofreading/tweeking the job seeking interview guide I’m working on, I had a quick flash reminder of the anti-bio exercise I worked up for people like me who have trouble putting down their accomplishments in a CV, resume, or traditional biography.

Then I had another idea. A great new idea for finding what to truly focus on in the New Year. Since most people are using the beginning of 2009, alongside the current economic crisis, as the perfect time to evaluate themselves and current professional skill levels, why not take a slightly more business like approach in the evaluation of your own personal life?

As you take time in the next few days to work on goals, expectations and resolutions, be extremely mindful to take note in exactly where you stand at this moment in your personal life and relationships that aren’t work related. Take inventory of your proficiency levels of communications with your family and friends, your personal fitness, your cooking or cleaning skills…whatever you have on your list to improve upon in the next 365 days. Write yourself a ‘You Resume’ dated for right now, chronicling where you currently stand. And just like your professional information, make sure you set up periodic check times to examine and update your new ‘You Resume.’

This new personal resume of your person may be the perfect way for you to take that long look in the mirror you have be putting off for fear of not liking the results. And if you don’t like the results, you now know exactly what needs to be fixed.

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