Out With The Old…Throw It Out NOW!

I’ve got some New Year’s advice that you’re probably not going to like.

If you’re holding onto anything that has become old and useless, throw it away. If you’re holding on the anything that is constantly in your way or carrying around something that only has the purpose of weighing you down (excluding ankle weights for a workout, of course), throw it away.

This applies to the mental and emotional hang-ups that have been nagging at you since childhood. This applies to the relationships with people and organizations that do not empower you.

This applies doubly to all the old physical stuff that you’ve collected over time that you truly hate, and do nothing but get in the way and keep you from getting the new things you truly want.

Feeling cluttered and choked by stuff will make you push back any new opportunities that may arrive at your mental or literal door step. You might be afraid to let the opportunity see your place as such a disaster, or you might just know that you have no more room for more stuff, even if it is the good stuff.

Those hard feelings left behind by an old friend who never apologized from doing you wrong. Years of doubt of your success as you have been actively living it. Shoeboxes of old love letters from a lover three love’s ago, or worse, receipts from ten years ago, long reconciled.

In trying to live a life where every space is a place, if that space is just a place holder for something that brings misery, pain, or even no feeling whatsoever, and you could easily replace it with something that would instantly give you joy, what are you waiting for?

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  1. Aleigh

    John, I will be emailing this to my dad. I hope it gives him some encouragement!

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