Show Some Love For Green Salads

Are you not hitting your weight loss goals because of eating? Are you having problems keeping yourself from going to the stove for a second or third helping of food because you are hungry? I’ve got a secret that will help. A way that will allow you to eat more food. Yes, I said eat more food.

The secret? Well it’s not much of a secret really. It’s eating a salad, and eating and much salad as you would like.

Whole grains, beans, and fruits and vegetables eaten with their seeds and peels contain fiber or protein, both of which help you to maintain a full feeling longer. Protein takes longer to digest that other nutrients and fiber actually remains in the GI track, not being digested at all.

Knowing this, I personally try to eat a salad with dinner every night, and the difference for me is amazing. Along with a concerted effort to eat extra helpings of vegetables and being as strict as possible on limiting but not depriving myself of the things I love (meat, starches and carbs from sides, desert, more meat) eating a salad, (and in my case, a large salad) with meals has allowed me to easily eat more ‘food.’ I have learned to keep my salads simple (lettuce or spinach plus a few other pieces, like tomatoes, celery, cucumbers, carrots or some beans or peas) and stay a little stingy on my salad dressing to leave the extra food I get to eat pretty close to right as nature made it. I get plenty of extra vitamins and minerals in the form my body is actually supposed to get them from, which is just another added bonus.

So just like you avoid that salad when you go to the all-you-can-eat buffet to save you a little extra room for that third dessert, the use of the reverse of thinking could help you gain control of your eating habits, which is just one more key to achieving your goals for a healthier life.

Go ahead. Try eating a green salad with lunch and dinner. Especially dinner. Every time you have dinner.

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